PowerToys hide toolbar Video conference mute

Video conference mute is so helpful in PowerToys tools. But it always show toolbar if microphone or camera disabled. Annoying? I have modified it make toolbar only show 0.5 second each time changed turn on or off. It working perfect now!

Note: Old method deprecated! You now can simple edit settings.json file and do not need replace .dll file

Recommend: How to auto hide toolbar Video conference mute :

  1. Press Windows + R and run follow location:
    %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\PowerToys\Video Conference
  2. Open settings.json file, find toolbar_hide and edit value to After timeout

    "toolbar_hide":{"value":"After timeout"}}
  3. Done.

Only do this if above method not work for you.

This modify has done on version v0.67.1, find old version below.


How to auto hide toolbar Video conference mute :

  1. Exit PowerToys by Right click in tray icon -> Exit
  2. Open PowerToys install folder `C:\Program Files\PowerToys\modules\VideoConference` (location maybe different if you customized when install)
  3. Rename `PowerToys.VideoConferenceModule.dll` to `PowerToys.VideoConferenceModule.dll.origin`
  4. Download Modified PowerToys.VideoConferenceModule.dll and put to same folder above
  5. Run PowerToys again, Enjoy!

How to revert default:

In case you have problem then can use backed up file for revert.

  1. Exit PowerToys by Right click in tray icon -> Exit
  2. Rename `PowerToys.VideoConferenceModule.dll` to `PowerToys.VideoConferenceModule.dll.modified` or Delete it.
  3. Rename `PowerToys.VideoConferenceModule.dll.origin` to `PowerToys.VideoConferenceModule.dll`
  4. Run PowerToys again, Done!

Old version:

Do same above just download other file


Download Modified PowerToys.VideoConferenceModule.dll


Download Modified PowerToys.VideoConferenceModule.dll


Download Modified VideoConferenceModule.dll

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