PowerToys change the shortcut Find my mouse to Right Ctrl

Left Ctrl is common key so PowerToys Find my mouse sometime has wrong behavior if you mistake twice press Left Ctrl key.

So I decide modify, make shortcut to Right Ctrl to avoid it.

This modify has done on version v0.55.1, find old version below.


How to change shortcut key Find my mouse :

  1. Exit PowerToys by Right click in tray icon -> Exit
  2. Open PowerToys install folder `C:\Program Files\PowerToys\modules\MouseUtils` (location maybe different if you customized when install)
  3. Rename `PowerToys.FindMyMouse.dll` to `PowerToys.FindMyMouse.dll.origin`
  4. Download Modified PowerToys.FindMyMouse.dll and put to same folder above
  5. Run PowerToys again, Enjoy!

How to revert default:

In case you have problem then can use backed up file for revert.

  1. Exit PowerToys by Right click in tray icon -> Exit
  2. Rename `PowerToys.FindMyMouse.dll` to `PowerToys.FindMyMouse.dll.modified` or Delete it.
  3. Rename `PowerToys.FindMyMouse.dll.origin` to `PowerToys.FindMyMouse.dll`
  4. Run PowerToys again, Done!

Old version:

Do same above just download other file


Download Modified FindMyMouse.dll


Download Modified FindMyMouse.dll

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