Push notifications on mobile application WordPress

OneSignal is a multi-platform push notifications service. You can use this to send notifications to users on mobile WordPress app. In addition supports a lot of great features. And it is free, so we should thank OneSignal.

Create app push notifications OneSignal

First, login to OneSignal here, click [ Add a new app ] to create new project. Then input App name and click [ Create ]

push notifications

After successfully creating, you need to configure project.

– Platform: your project can support multiple platforms (you can add later) but you first need to choose a platform.

– Config Platform: each platform has a different way of sending messages, OneSignal has document detailed for configuration. Open in new tab [ Read the documentation ]

Once you have all the necessary information, go back to OneSignal and fill in the form, click [Save]

– SDK: select PhoneGap, Cordova, Ionic, Index XDK click [ Next ]

Once the configuration is complete, you will receive the OneSignal App ID

Final, use the App ID you got above fill to Noncheat menu OneSignal tab on WordPress Dashboard.

So whenever you select “Send notifications on Save” on Noncheat application panel, it will send a notifications to the user. You can also use the OneSignal Dashboard to send notifications manually.

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